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QAViews: A Contact Center Quality Assurance Tool


Your customer service agents are the binders of your relationship with your customers. Be it a casual interaction for a general query or a problem they are facing with your product or service, with instant solutions, they are the ones who keep your customers in the inner circle and don’t let them escape due to inconvenience.

However, this is only the case when your representatives are well-trained and follow the guidelines properly. It may become a nightmare for the company if they are not trained well or don’t know how to communicate effectively with customers.

So, companies must understand the importance of quality assurance and take effective measures. Contact center QA helps maintain the higher satisfaction of customers with flawless interaction. But how can you implement its framework in your organization? Here, enter the QAViews by QDegrees! Let’s learn more about it in this blog.

About QAViews:

As AI is transforming the world and incorporating it into businesses, it is becoming profitable. There’s a company that has also turned around AI to create a powerful contact center QA solution known as QAViews. It is an AI-enabled software that helps businesses not only learn about their contact center operations but also do a lot of other things.

About QAViews

It streamlines the contact center auditing and makes it a real-time thing. So, you have access to your contact center’s quality all the time. But how does it work? Let’s understand the functionality of it before we head to discuss the features you get with this quality assurance tool.

It’s software that you can implement between you and your call center. It tracks all the calls and has AI features to transcribe them. Moreover, it analyzes the calls to understand how satisfied the customer was on the other end. However, that’s not it, as it also helps you maintain agent-wise profiles to individually evaluate agents. In totality, there are a lot of features within this one software that are enough for your contact center’s quality assurance. On top of that, it also offers integration. So, let’s explore all this in our next heading.

Five Key Features of QAViews Quality Assurance Tool:

Some features of QAviews are given below:

1. Real-Time Dashboard & Analysis:

Starting with the feature that any monitoring software should have, a dashboard. But with QAViews, you get a comprehensive dashboard where it’s up to you what you want to see or assess about your contact center. From assessing inbound and outbound calls to classifying them into sales and nonsales calls, the customization with QAViews is already on another level.

But it’s not it yet, as all of this happens in real time. So, whatever you see are the insights that you can act on instantly. This real-time feature alone opens the opportunity for you to make decisions faster and fix things before they turn into something problematic.

2. Smart Sampling & Interaction Allocation (Randomizer):

When it comes to call center quality assurance, being unbiased with the audit is important to get the best results. That’s why QAViews has a special feature called smart sampling, which is randomized picking up or calling. So, no matter what, you will always get a comprehensive report free from any errors or biases.

3. Integration with Call center Dialer and CRM:

Now, let’s talk about the feature that makes this quality assurance tool a fully automated tool. This is the integration feature of it, which allows you to integrate the QA tool with the call center dialer and Customer Relationship Manager. So, ultimately, the agents don’t have to handle and manage multiple platforms, only one. Moreover, it also centralizes the data from the call center dialer and CRM, making quality assurance even more efficient.

4. 100% Rebuttal Closure within Tool Environment:

Taking care of your customers and their queries is important, but it can’t be said that the solution was delivered just because the query was marked resolved. That’s why QAViews has a built-in rebuttal feature, which allows you to raise a rebuttal for any query that you think is not resolved but is marked as resolved. This feature is helpful to attain 100% customer satisfaction for their raised queries.

5. Quality Audits by Machine Learning:

Last but not the least is the machine learning-enabled audits. Yes, while you also get the manual auditing option with QAViews, there’s an Auto QA feature that makes the QA totally automatic. So, you don’t have to do anything, and you’ll get an automated outcome powdered by machine learning. Hence, you can deal with large data, which is done manually as a task.


To sum up, QAViews quality assurance tool is a one-stop solution for organizing your contact center’s quality assurance. From being real-time to seamlessly integrating with your CRM and Dialer, it fits just as the right solution. Moreover, since you and your business are in 2024, QAViews also keeps a note of that with its AI features. With the power of AI and ML, it becomes even more powerful and automated, making sure that humans make minimal effort. Ultimately, it makes you the best caretaker of your customers by making continuous improvements in your contact center.

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