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Marketing Team Structure

A good marketing team is one in which all members collaborate to develop a consistent brand image. It isn’t easy to establish such a department, but once you do, you will see an increase in sales and customer relations! So, in 2024, what is the best marketing team structure? What is the function of a marketing department?

Classify Marketing Department: Is There Only One Method?

When developing a great marketing team, there is no one method to do it well. There are several options, and choosing a single marketing department structure that will work in every company is challenging. Depending on the business, the selected means of communication with your target audience, and the general structure of your firm, completely alternative arrangements may be required. There are several marketing team structures to satisfy various demands.

Many startups initially have just one or two individuals on their marketing team, but as the business expands, the digital marketing department must expand to meet the firm’s scale. Keep in mind that not all positions need full-time personnel. Engaging freelancers or subcontractors to outsource certain marketing efforts is now relatively straightforward. So, how should a contemporary marketing company be structured?

Marketing Department Structure – Best Use:

The best marketing teams comprise individuals who have different skills. Contrary to what some believe, not all “creative individuals” can develop intriguing content or catchy marketing slogans. Indeed, they have Expertise in technical fields. Today, in the age of digital marketing, technological skills are just as critical as creative thinking. It shouldn’t come to anyone! The best content or posts are only helpful if someone puts them out and creates an appealing graphic style. What are the Marketing Department specializations you’ll need to fulfill?

Marketing Department Structure and Importances:

We will now guide you through all significant marketing department occupations and detail their tasks so that you can quickly determine who you need on your team to construct a successful marketing team structure.

Marketing Manager:

In terms of marketing department responsibilities, this is the most significant individual. It is where we begin. This individual oversees the marketing budget and creates efficient ideas and methods that other team members may employ in their future work. The marketing manager must be incredibly creative, trend-savvy, knowledgeable about growth marketing, and a visionary who can predict what will be significant. The role also requires a thorough awareness of the market environment. Technical and soft abilities are essential; they will come in handy while handling different crises, including those involving staff and marketing efforts. As a result, it is acceptable to say that the marketing manager is the most significant and challenging function in the marketing department hierarchy.


A copywriter is someone who is in charge of creating content. A good “writer” is an enormously important asset in any marketing department’s structure. Why? Creating well-thought-out content is one of the finest methods to boost sales and client relationships. The importance of storytelling cannot be overstated. Your target audience is interested in the history of a brand or a particular product. Interesting stories boost company performance, increase brand impact, and nurture customer relationships. Copywriters are responsible for this. They all create blog and social media postings, product descriptions, sponsored articles, internal and external communications, product names, and advertising slogans.

Larger firms’ marketing departments may have a whole content production team with team leaders and experts. In a small business, the content development team may also serve as the product marketing team.

Content Marketing Expert:

This marketing department creates content in all forms, including videos, images, and numerous texts. Content marketers are in charge of this aspect of the company’s strategy. They decide what, when, and why specific communication channels should be used. The content marketer is, therefore, in charge of arranging when a Twitter tweet and Instastories will appear, deciding whether to release corporate material on marketing channels and rejecting communication options. Hiring a copywriter for this role allows you to kill two birds with one stone, but remember that if you want to generate a lot of material, it is best to separate these tasks.

Social Media Manager:

A social media manager collaborates closely with the content manager to establish what will appear and when on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. Staff in this job monitor the publishing schedule, assign specific staff to develop the material, and deal with any collaboration or communication with the technical department of the supplied site if anything goes wrong. The individual leads the social media team in developing a social media strategy to meet corporate goals.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Assistant:

A social media assistant (or community manager) is a must-have for the structure of your digital marketing team. A reliable and devoted individual looking after your brand’s image on social media is a gem, whether you operate a small business or a significant enterprise. A solid social media presence is essential for success. The “influencers” we “meet” there are so-called for a purpose. The individual in charge of your social media contacts must be knowledgeable, pleasant, and patient about your offer. Marketing channels, such as Facebook or Instagram, may often become a part of the customer service sector, and therefore, everyone who contacts us there must be adequately cared for.

Webmaster / Front-End Developer:

Every company relies on a solid website. Every retailer with its stationary outlets loses a significant portion of the market, and the target demographic negatively sees any service provider that needs a primary business card. You may hire a freelancer to build up a small website or blog in a couple of days if you require one. However, if you wish to have a large e-commerce site or if the content and features on your website need to change regularly, it is worth having someone in your organization’s marketing structure oversee it. Furthermore, having a developer on hand eliminates the risk that your site suddenly stops operating, and you will have to wait a long time for someone to repair it, which is often the case when you engage freelancers. A programmer is also required when designing a landing page or a product marketing one-pager, which are essential in any firm.

Graphic Designer:

The graphic designer (or web designer) is one of the most significant responsibilities in the marketing department. Customers nowadays want more than simply a snapshot with some words. They want a tale with appealing, comprehensible imagery or infographics. You have less than a second to capture people’s attention when developing content for social media (or the corporate website or any other marketing efforts), and the quickest way to do it is with intriguing, frightening, or hilarious visuals or a well-edited picture.

Video and Audio Creators:

Companies now use video and audio on a much larger scale for Internet marketing. In organizing your team in 2024, you will undoubtedly want a person, or maybe a few persons, with an extensive understanding of the subject, especially if you want to launch a podcast, a YouTube channel, or a webinar series.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert:

For years, some have said that search engine marketing is losing importance. Indeed, the methods for positioning websites have evolved, but the truth remains that when you engage in search engine optimization, you spend money on improving your sales and brand awareness! SEO professionals are required in any organization since they grasp the technical aspects of the work and what people seek.

The SEO staff understands how to create an SEO plan, perform in-depth keyword research, optimize your website for organic search results, and obtain top ranks for your target keywords. The size of your business determines the responsibilities that should be on your SEO team.


An analyst is responsible for gathering and analyzing data from analytics software offered by numerous marketing professionals. Only the knowledge provided by the analyst allows other professionals to determine their next steps. Marketing can not exist without analysis; you must remember this! The analyst’s duty also involves optimizing the usage of marketing automation software and tools and assisting campaign planning with practical ideas on how to get the best potential outcomes.

Advertising Specialist:

It is now challenging to get out to prospective clients organically. Running profiles and SEO operations that supply it are critical, but you must also support yourself with all conceivable advertising platforms. The most popular are Facebook Ads and Google Ads, but almost every platform has its advertising system, allowing you to tailor your product marketing to their peculiarities. However, the individual who performs advertising under your brand must understand the systems and the many options they provide. To plan future campaigns, they must determine where the advertisements will appear, choose the target audience, develop the right message and a briefing paper for graphic designers and copywriters, and assess the outcomes.

Public Relations Specialist:

Remember that marketing isn’t all about digital solutions, even if they’re the most popular. Ensure your team has a public relations manager committed to conventional company promotion if not an entire department. Shaping the image outside the Internet world is vital for developing a solid brand as any digital operation.

Ideal Marketing Team Structure – Extra Members for Your Team:

You now know all the required jobs in the perfect marketing department structure 2024 and the marketing activities they are in charge of, but we’re still going! When you have spare cash, consider employing professionals for the tasks described below since they may considerably improve your organization.

1. Project Manager:

A project manager may divide every task into its primary components and assign the work to the relevant team members. This individual oversees the team, stimulates its members, and assists in resolving technical and interpersonal challenges. You can rely on them to ensure creative and technical teams collaborate effectively and consistently.

2. Technology Expert:

A person who is both a consultant on new technology and a professional who can make any changes may benefit many businesses. This team member’s technical knowledge may assist your company in achieving its objectives.

3. Event Manager:

Event managers are very beneficial to the public relations department. They organize conventional, stationary events, such as meetings for influencers or with the press, as well as digital ones, such as live broadcasts, podcasts with guests, or online meetings with writers. Various events may help you cultivate connections with prospective consumers on the verge of purchasing something from you and give excellent value to current clients you want to retain.

How Do You Organize the Marketing Department From the Start?

You already know what a good team structure should look like. But how can you identify folks who fit all of the criteria?

1. Describe Your Goals:

First, you must identify your marketing objectives, budget, and the number of individuals you may recruit to work from the office. How many people will you hire, what skills will they require, and what will they be doing?

Why is this preliminary examination so critical? The organization of a small marketing department varies dramatically from that of a large firm. When employing new personnel, keep this in mind.

2. Create a Marketing Department Company Chart:

A marketing organizational chart is unquestionably valuable. It will enable you to examine the complete structure and determine which functions are more crucial for your firm’s growth. List the personnel you’ll need from each Expertise to fulfill your objectives.

3. Select Which Professionals You Need in Your Marketing Team Structure:

If you have a limited budget, review the list and consider which roles you don’t need, which are necessary, and which you may combine with others to save money. A content marketer, for example, may first compose texts on his own or rely on the services of freelance copywriters to supplement his income. Search for a visual designer who understands how to combine video and audio or a developer knowledgeable about new technologies and can give excellent technical assistance.

4. Specify Your Require Requirements:

Remember to craft job adverts properly and express your expectations to applicants. Establishing the standards will save you a lot of time and money throughout the recruiting process since those who lack Expertise or competence will not participate.

5. Focus on the Skills:

Pay little attention to looks, age, or prior employers while looking for staff. Concentrate on the abilities, experiences, and characteristics most appealing to you. A copywriter, for example, should be creative, understand the secrets of sales writing, and have Expertise in crafting SEO material. The project manager should be educated and skilled in managing people and projects. During the recruiting process, asking applicants to do trial assignments in a specific subject is worthwhile since this will reveal much about how they use their knowledge in practice.

What Way Do You Structure a Marketing Team?

Remember, as previously said, that only some firms need a large marketing staff. The structure of your marketing team should be determined by how your firm operates.

Assume you’ve already chosen folks to work with you under a contract of employment, and you’ve recruited a group of freelancers to assist with some marketing efforts. However, even if you opt to work with a chief marketing officer or a marketing manager, you must first check that the team is harmonic and that its members are getting along.

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